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Antique Chinese Kangxi Blue and White Vase - 17th century - אגרטל קאנגסי Kangxi סיני עתיק

Oct 06, 22  Antique Chinese Kangxi Blue and White Vase - decorated with mountainous sea shore landscape with trees, a pavilion, a small temple and 3 figures praying. A calligraphy of a poem / prayer is displayed on the back side of the vase.

JOAN MIRO Lithographs Volume I - Michel Leiris & Fernand Mourlot - ליתוגרפיות של חואן מירו

Oct 03, 22  Joan Miro Lithographs Volume I - a magnificent testimony to the brilliant achievements of Miro as a graphic artist and a complete catalogue raisonne with 11 original color lithographs created especially for this volume.

Pablo Picasso - Collectible Art Books, Catalogues and Art Monographs - פבלו פיקסו - ספרי אמנות

Sep 27, 22  Homage to Pablo Picasso great collectible art monographs with original lithographs, high quality reproductions, biography details as well as essays and articles by some of the best art historians and art critics - a must have for art lovers.

Richard Wagner works published by Reclam Verlag - אופרות - ריכרד ווגנר

Sep 21, 22  Richard Wagner great works published by Reclam Verlag: Das Rheingold, Tannhauser, Parsifal, Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg, Die Walkure by Richard Wagner, Lohengrin, Gotterdammerung, Der fliegende Hollander, Rienzi by Richard Wagner, Tristan und Isolde, Siegfried.

Concepts + Information - Israel Museum 1971 Catalog - מושג + אינפורמציה: קטלוג 1971 - מוזיאון ישראל

Sep 16, 22  Concepts + Information was the first attempt of the Israel Museum to demonstrate concepts which were adopted by a number of young Israeli artists at the early 70s - a rare exhibition catalog which encompasses what was included within the term Conceptual Art at that time.

XXe Siecle Special Issues Homage To series - Gualtieri di San Lazzaro - The Art of the 20th Century - אמנות המאה העשרים

Sep 14, 22  XXe Siecle Numero Special - HOMMAGE A is the most important series of monographs about the leading artists of the 20th century. Picasso, Matisse, Kandinsky, Chagall, Moore, Leger, Ernst, Miro and Rouault - each album is accompanied with original lithographs and wood cuts.

Antique French Art Nouveau Glass Vase - Single Flower - אגרטל זכוכית צרפתי עתיק עם תבליט עדין של עלים ופרחים מפיוטר

Sep 12, 22  Antique French Single Flower Glass Vase - Beautiful collectible piece in Art Nouveau style. The base of the vase is in a pear-like shape with 3 mottled flat surfaces. The glass is made in Pate de Verre technique with pewter overlay of gentle leaves and flowers.

Poetry and Playwriting Classics in English - ספרי שירה ומחזות באנגלית

Sep 09, 22  Poetry and Playwriting in English - T S Eliot, Samuel Beckett, William Empson, Robert Lowell, Lewis Carroll, E.E. Cummings, Sylvia Plath, Edward Lear and many more Poetry and Playwriting Classics.

The CONNOISSEUR back issues 789,790 - The Chase in Art - Volume 196 - 1977

Sep 03, 22  The Chase in Art - This pair of The CONNOISSEUR back issues 789,790 is dedicated to "The Chase in Art" - a subject which has its roots in the beginning of civilization and the history of art. Rare illustrations, reproductions and photographs of hunting scenes and hunters' life style.

XXe Siecle Nouvelle Serie - Gualtieri di San Lazzaro - The Art of the 20th Century - אמנות המאה העשרים

Aug 29, 22  XXe Siecle Nouvelle Serie is probably the most beautiful and comprehensive series of art periodicals, published by Gualtieri di San Lazzaro between 1951-1974 with original lithographs of the great masters of the 20th century - a must have for contemporary art collectors.

Rare and Out of Print Books - The Girls from Esquire - The Magazine for Men

Aug 24, 22  The Girls from Esquire If the proper study of mankind is Man, as a great writer once observed, then Esquire - The Magazine for Men - was truly published with a happy propriety...

Art of the Sixties - 5th Revised Edition - The Ludwig Collection - אמנות שנות השישים

Aug 21, 22  Art of the Sixties The 5th and most comprehensive edition of the stylish catalogue raisonne of the Ludwig Contemporary and Pop Art collection with beautiful documentation of 222 key art works by the 92 leading artists of the 1960s.

Michael Druks - Assemblage Sculpture of Wooden Objects with Forks - מיכאל דרוקס - פסל אסמבלאז' - אימומים מזלגות וכפית

Aug 18, 22  Michael Druks Assemblage This cluster of wooden objects and bent forks reflects Druks analysis of mankind predators' nature in a very intensive yet enigmatic manner - "my artwork is a model for all the things I have in my head - feelings, emotions and things that I would like to put into words".

Antique Chinese bronze incense holder - Chien Lung - כלי לקטורת - ברונזה סינית המאה ה-18

Aug 17, 22  Antique Chinese Incense Holder - Chien Lung. A rectangular bronze container with 4 legs (fang ding) and two handles opposite each other, decorated with Taotie masks. Late 18th Century. Artist signature inside the container.

Antique Afghan Carpet by the Ersari of Northern Afghanistan - שטיח אפגני עתיק

Aug 12, 22  Antique Afghan Carpet The field of the carpet is composed of four perfectly designed Taghan guls woven in a striking color combination of fox-red, pink-salmon and deep green-blue natural dyes - a rare masterpiece of Afghan tribal main carpet. 

Avraham Naton (Natanson) - Gouache Painting - A Woman in front of a Mirror - אברהם נתון נתנזון - ציור גואש - אישה לפני הראי

Aug 08, 22  Avraham Naton A rare gouache painting which best reflects the gloriousness Naton felt towards his beautiful beloved wife - a goddess in front of a mirror, absorbed in an isolated fabulous sphere where love and talent coincide.

Hans-Georg Rauch: Rauchzeichen - Signed by the Artist - הנס גאורג ראוך

Aug 06, 22  Hans-Georg Rauchch Rauchzeichen The first book of the German cartoonist who is regarded by connoisseurs as the most sensitive artist among the raging satirical surrealists of the 20th century. Signed by the artist.

Max Ernst - Das Karmelienmadchen Ein Traum - A Little Girl Dreams of Taking the Veil - קולאז  - מקס ארנסט

Aug 04, 22  Max Ernst's Das Karmelienmadchen Ein Traum (A Little Girl Dreams of Taking the Veil) is probably the best collage novel ever produced - a blasphemous, erotic and schizophrenic dream of young Marceline-Marie. 

Japan by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Back Issues - תרבות ואמנות יפנית

Aug 01, 22  Japan - a profusely illustrated quarterly journal, sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the 60s and 70s. The copies of this high quality publication were distributed to key opinion leaders in the Western world in an effort to rebuild the public image of Japan after WW2.

Fantastic Realism - Rudolf Hausner and Anton Lehmden - Original Etchings - רודולף האוזנר - אנטון להמדן

Jul 29, 22  Anton Lehmden and Rudolf Housner are two of the most important founders of the Fantastic Realism art movement. The following rare art books perfectly represent the works of these great masters.

הגדות של פסח עתיקות ונדירות - Rare and Antique Haggadot shel Pesach

Jul 25, 22  Antique Haggadot shel Pesach In the following we present several rare and antique Haggadot which were printed and published in Europe in the 19th and 20th century - I invite you to have a look.

Samuel (Shmuel) Tepler - Oil on Canvas - Interior: Still Life - שמואל טפלר - שמן על בד - דומם: כורסא, שולחן, קנקן ומנורה

Jul 12, 22  Samuel Tepler This beautiful oil-on-canvas painting depicts an interior scene with what one may call "everyday objects" - an armchair, a table, a jar with flowers and a lamp - nevertheless, Tepler, like all great artists, always makes us look afresh at the familiar.

Rare and Out of Print Books - English literature and poetry - שירה וספרות אנגלית

Jul 12, 22  Rare and Out of Print Books This shelf of rare books is focused on English literature and poetry but you will also find there some surprising oldies and goldies such as the beautiful edition of Don Quixote De La Mancha illustrated by Salvador Dali - have a look.

Mordechai Levanon - Aquarelle Painting - View of Safed - מרדכי לבנון - צבעי מים אקווארל - נוף צפת

Jul 08, 22  Mordechai Levanon - Safed A beautiful aquarelle of the celestial city Safed with light full yellow and blue which splash the sky and the earth. Levanon speaks in the voice of great love - love of nature, love of creation, love of art and love of mankind.

Antique Baluch Bag - Khorjin - שק נוודים בלוצי עתיק

Jul 05, 22  Antique Baluch Bag This brightly colored beautiful Baluch Khorjin is made of best quality wool with touches of silk in the phosphoric green and pale beige ornaments in the middle of the front side of the bag - a real collectible antique rug.

Osias Hofstatter - Drawings and Prints - אוזיאש הופשטטר - רישומים והדפסים - שמחת חיים

Jun 30, 22  Osias Hofstatter - Song of Songs - The Joy of Life Two beautiful saucy works by the great painter who chose to continue his personal agenda and not to indulge in a world of suffering.

Antique Victorian Gate Leg Table - שולחן אנגלי מתקפל - ויקטוריאני

Jun 27, 22  Antique Victorian Gate Leg Tablele is a rare high quality tea table with a mild elliptic shape tabletop which is conveniently suitable for four guests. The tabletop has a perfect scalloped edge and a beautifully carved pattern on the stripe around the circumference.

Antique Baluch Bolesht / Balisht  - a Turkmen Pillow Bag - שטיח עתיק - שק נוודים וכר שינה בלוצי

Jun 23, 22  Antique Baluch Bolesht  A Turkmen pillow bag - for the nomad Baluch families, these ornamented cushions were an essential component of life and lifestyle - they wove to live.

Kathe Kollwitz - Ich sah die Welt mit liebevollen Blicken 1968 - Limited Edition with Original Self-portrait Etching - קתה קולביץ

Jun 19, 22  Kathe Kollwitz Original Etching A unique edition of Ich sah die Welt mit liebevollen Blicken with an original powerful etching of Kollwitz self-portrait as well as high quality reproductions of her graphic works, her sculptures and the authentic texts of her diaries.  

Antique French Plant Stands - ריהוט עתיק צרפתי

Jun 16, 22  Antique French Plant Stands A pair of breathtaking antique marble top stands styled a La Belle Epoch fashion from the 70s of the 19th century. They are a perfect match in size and design with delicate mountings, long tapered legs and pierced gilt brass galleries.

Michael Druks - "Druksland" Self Portrait - Collage Drawing - מיכאל דרוקס - דרוקסלנד קולאז

Jun 12, 22  Michael Druks - Druksland Self Portrait This unique self portrait collage-drawing is absorbed with the beauty of self exploration young people are engaged with on their way towards matureness. Druks tries to place the details of his life story as coordinated points and axes on his internal personality map. 

Antique Baluch Khorjin - a Complete Pair of Saddle Bags - שקי אוכף עתיקים - בלוציסטן

Jun 09, 22  Antique Baluch Khorjin The Baluch nomads that inhabited northeastern Iran and western Afghanistan, excelled in weaving fascinating dark and mysterious rugs. This pair of saddle bags has a sophisticated grid pattern with deep blue highlights and an uncommon effect of diagonal staircase.

Osias Hofstatter - Ink on Paper - Let us be Cheerful - אוזיאש הופשטטר - רישום דיות - הבה נהיה שמחים

Jun 07, 22  Osias Hofstatter - Ink on Paper This masterpiece drawing, "The Joy of the Poor", represents Hofstatter as the complete artist - a man of knowledge, a skeptic philosopher, a humanist and an aesthete who touches the most delicate fiber of human pain.

Vintage Israeli Art Magazines and Art Periodicals - ציור ופיסול: רבעון לאמנות פלסטית - קו: כתב-עת לאמנות וספרות צורות ותכנים חדשים

Jun 05, 22  Vintage Israeli Art Magazineses The collections presented here, include rare back issues of some of the most influential Israeli art magazines - an interesting perspective on the directions in the development of the Israeli art community in the late 60s and the 70s. 

Classic books - English and European culture - ספרות יפה באנגלית

Jun 03, 22  Classic books in English Rare collection of out of print books on English and European culture - fiction, non-fiction, psychology, philosophy, art, literature, history, drama and poetry.

Tilt-Top Tea Table with Inlaid Marquetry - שולחן תה מתקפל אנגלי עתיק

May 30, 22  Antique Tilt-Top Tea Table of the 18th century - one of the most elegant styled pieces of tea serving furniture with high quality marquetry inlay on its table top. The geometric pattern forms a majestic picture to look at when the table is placed in an upright position against a wall.

Monographs of Israeli Artists - Chana Orloff, Anna Ticho, Michael Druks, Harold Rubin & Avigdor Stematsky

May 27, 22  Monographs of Israeli Artists - Chana Orloff, Anna Ticho, Michael Druks, Harold Rubin and Avigdor Stematsky represent the richness and diversity of the Israeli art planet.

Avraham Azmon (Abraham Atzmon) - Pastel Drawing - Landscape - אברהם עצמון - פסטל - נוף

May 23, 22  Avraham Azmon Pastel Drawing Avraham Azmon is an exceptional figure among the first generation of the Israeli painters - have a look at this fantastic pastel landscape drawing which best expresses his uniqueness.

Antique Turkmen Saryk Khorjin - an Intact Pair of Saddle Bags

May 16, 22  Antique Turkmen Saryk Khorjin A beautiful complete and intact Khorjin with an assortment of patterns, materials and weaving techniques with which it was constructed and which give it an exceptional vivid stripes design and fashionable look with great expression of harmony and passion.

Paul Klee - Collectible Artist Monographs - פול קליי

May 11, 22  Paul Klee Art books that every aspiring painter should keep on hand - his fantastic, childlike, and sometimes witty paintings served as an inspiration to many artists of the 20th century.

Gazith Art and Literary Journal by Gabriel Talphir - גזית - ירחון לאמנות וספרות בעריכת גבריאל טלפיר

May 08, 22  Gazith Art and Literary Journal Our collection includes all issues from 1963 until 1982 of the first Israeli art journal - Gazith Art & Literary Journal edited and published by Gabriel Talphir.

Mordechai Levanon - Pencil Drawing - View of Jerusalem - מרדכי לבנון - נוף ירושלמי

May 05, 22  Mordechai Levanon View of Jerusalem A rare pencil drawing by Mordechai Levanon - the painter who re-invented the rules of the Israeli landscape painting.

Hans Bellmer - Collectible Art Books and Artist's Monographs

Apr 30, 22  Hans Bellmer Collectible art books and monographs of a great German artist who is best known for the life-sized pubescent female dolls he produced in the mid-1930s and for the sexual provocative and erotic drawings, prints and photographs he made after World War II.

Antique Victorian What-not (Etagere) with Marquetry - ריהוט ויקטוריאני עתיק

Apr 28, 22  Antique Victorian What-not (Etagere) a gentle light weight collectible piece with three kidney shaped shelves decorated with a beautiful hand made unique marquetry art work of flowery pattern made with high quality wood veneers.

Classic books - German and European culture - ספרי הגות ושירה

Apr 24, 22  Classic books in German Rare collection of out of print books on German and European culture - psychology, philosophy, art, literature, drama and what not.

Rare Catalogs of Israeli Art Auction Houses - קטלוגים של מכירות פומביות של אמנות ישראלית

Apr 18, 22  Catalogs of Israeli Art Auctions Rare documentation of the Israeli art scene with detailed price lists of the paintings, sculptures, antiques and all other art items which attracted the Israeli collectors of the late 70s, 80s and 90s of the twentieth century.

Collections of Vintage Art Magazines and Art Periodicals - Apollo, Il Cigno

Apr 13, 22  Apollo, Il Cigno Rare collections of vintage and out of print art magazines - a treasure for private art collectors and art lovers as well as for professional art traders, gallery owners, auctioneers and art historians.

Back Issues - The Weltkunst Magazine - the Ultimate Antique Collecting Journal - Rare and Out of Print

Apr 05, 22  Weltkunst Back Issues Founded in 1930, Weltkunst focused on the offers of art trade, galleries and auctioneers. This lot of back issues from the 60s and 70s is an indispensible source of information and a practical catalog of what was collected and traded on that prosperous period.

German Expressionists - Otto Mueller, E.L. Kirchner and Otto Dix - Rare and Out of Print

Mar 30, 22  German Expressionists Otto Mueller, E.L. Kirchner and Otto Dix - these great painters were part of an art movement which began in Germany before the First World War and reached a peak in Berlin, during the 1920s - a beautiful collection of rare monographs.

Rare Victorian Windsor Chair with Caned Seat and Back

Mar 21, 22  Rare Victorian Windsor Chair with Caned Seat and Back The form, design and construction of this remarkable Windsor chair is a testimony to the ingenuity and skill of its maker. It is hard to think of any improvement that could have been made - as chair it approached perfection.

Yosl Bergner - Drawings to Franz Kafka

Mar 18, 22  Yosl Bergner - Drawings to Franz Kafka This rare signed monograph album by Yosl Bergner contains 42 drawings - each drawing relates to a short phrase taken from Kafka's writings.

Israeli Poetry Journals, Poetry Books and Literary Magazines

Mar 13, 22  Israeli Poetry Journals, Poetry Books and Literary Magazines Rare collection: out of print Israeli poetry journals, literary magazines and poetry books.

Joseph Constant - Two Monkeys Wood Engraved Sculpture

Mar 08, 22  Joseph Constant - Two Monkeys Wood Engraved Sculpture The Israeli sculptor and painter Joseph Constant loved animals and they probably loved him. Look at this pair of monkeys, sitting so close to each other, absorbing the warmth and confidence derived from intimate friendship and brotherhood.

Erwin Fieger - 13 Photo Essays

Mar 05, 22  Erwin Fieger - 13 Photo Essays The German photographer Erwin Fieger works exclusively in color, which helps explain his taste for the brilliantly exotic. 13 Photo-Essays is a large coffee-table book from 1969 which includes a series of bold color photo essays.

Aharon Giladi - Mother and Child - oil on canvas painting

Feb 24, 22  Aharon Giladi - Mother and Kid In this oil on canvas painting, mother and child are facing tete a tete, the four arms are closing a circle. This is an inspired philosophical statement which is solely expressed in a visual language of colors and lines.

Max Beckmann - Collectible Art Books and Monographs

Feb 17, 22  Max Beckmann - Collectible art books and monographs of the great German painter who was a deeply spiritual artist. Beckman said: "The greatest mystery of all is reality."

Monographs of Israeli Artists - Avraham Naton, Nachum Gutman, Marcel Janco & Igael Tumarkin

Feb 10, 22  Avraham Naton, Nachum Gutman, Marcel Janco and Igael Tumarkin are pioneers, each in his own field; each one of them left his undisputed mark on the Israeli art world and public - you should see it.

Monographs of Israeli Painters - Mordechai Levanon, Samuel Tepler, Menachem Shemi, Chaim Atar & Emmanuel Ronkin

Jan 29, 22  Mordechai Levanon, Samuel Tepler, Menachem Shemi, Chaim Atar & Emmanuel Ronkin  Their work expresses the Israeli painting at its best, by forging its unique characters, scenery, atmosphere and colors in the melting pot within the artist's inner soul.

Rare and out of print artists' monographs

Jan 21, 22  Art Monographs - Roulault, Christo, George Segal, Tobey, Botero and Saul Steinberg: rare and out of print art monographs which describe the lives and works of the great masters of the past and the present.

Classical Music Rare and Vintage Vinyl Records - List No 5

Jan 18, 22  Classical Music Vinyl LP Records - List No 5 Rare private collection - Beethoven: Wilhelm Kempff, Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, Rudolf Serkin, Yehudi & Hephzibah Menuhin, Charles Munch, Artur Schnabel, Furtwaengler, Zukerman, Dupre, Barenboim, Glenn Gould and more - excellent condition.

The Complete Works of Marcel Duchamp - Arturo Schwarz

Jan 12, 22  The Complete Works of Marcel Duchampmp This collectible book, the definitive work on Duchamp, was created and designed over a period of many years by Arturo Schwarz, the author, working in close collaboration with the artist. It sparkles with intellectual excitement - the author has taken to heart Duchamp's sage advice: "Have fun, if not you'll bore us"....

Classical Music Rare and Vintage Vinyl Records - List No 4

Jan 06, 22  Classical Music Vinyl LP Records - List No 4 Rare private collection: Beethoven, Mozart, Gustav Mahler, Wilhelm Kempff, Zukerman, Du Pre, Barenboim, David Oistrakh, Isaac Stern, Pablo Casals, Dietrich Fischer Dieskau, Bruno Walter, Arturo Toscanini, Herbert Von Karajan, Eugene Ormandy, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf and more - excellent condition.

History of Art - List No 1 - Rare Art History Albums and Books

Jan 04, 22  History of Art - List No 1 Classic collection of rare art history albums and books.

Jacques Katmor - Woman in Half Nude - Ink Paint on Paper - ז'ק קתמור - עירום אשה

Jan 02, 22  Jacques Katmor - Woman in Half Nude The quest of Katmor was an honest and genuine one as well as this beautiful ink paint on paper painting - Jacques Katmor truly believed in what he was doing.

Aharon Giladi - Mothers and Kids in front of the Kinnereth

Dec 23, 21  Aharon Giladi - Mothers and Kids in front of the Kinnereth is an oil on canvas painting by an innocent and sensitive Israeli painter who used his beautiful technique and great sense of composition to translate figures and landscape realities into harmony.

Michael Druks - מיכאל דרוקס - Michael Druks - Ink and Synthetic Paint on Paper

Dec 03, 21  Michael Druks - Ink and Synthetic Paint on Paper  1967, five grotesque politicians in a short break in which, while being away for a few minutes from their admiring followers, they allow themselves to go loose a little. What's on their agenda?

The Third Eye - גליון מס' 1 של החוברת סטריפ בהוצאת העין השלישית - Premiere Issue of the Strip Magazine

Nov 21, 21  The Third Eye "Strip" Magazine This underground publication was planned to be the official periodical of the Israeli art group "The 3d Eye" lead by the artist and film maker Jacques Katmor. Its premiere issue, published in October 1972 in Tel-Aviv, included rare pieces of quite daring graphics, drawings and photos with blunt sexual content.

Norman Kulkin - A Woman in front of a Graffiti Wall - Painted Photograph

Nov 09, 21  Norman Kulkin - Painted Photograph Norman Kulkin is a contemporary photographer and visual artist located in Los Angeles, specializing in re-painting and re-processing of vernacular anonymous vintage photographs. The subject of this early painted photograph which Norman took in Israel on 1972 is the beautiful model Doli Sisso who was a member the Israeli "The 3rd Eye" art group with whom Kulkin was associated.

Antique Chinese Peking Rug - Rounded Seat Cover

Oct 22, 21  Antique Chinese Peking Seat Cover - This beautiful antique Chinese rug is distinctive by its classic theme motif as well as by its unusual contrasting yet soft colors. It has a circular field with a picture of traditional Chinese nature landscape of two trees snuggling with each other by their branches and flowers. Be seated.

The Complete Works of Georges Rouault - Pierre Courthion & Waldemar George - Artist Monographs

Oct 07, 21  Georges Rouault  Great comprehensive studies of the life and work of Georges Rouault with the help of the artist's daughters Genevieve Nouaille-Rouault and Mlle Isabelle Rouault.

Yehezkel Streichman - צבעי מים  - יחזקאל שטרייכמן - Aquarelle

Sep 19, 21  Yehezkel Streichman - Aquarelle  Yehezkel Streichman is an intimate artist and this "view from the window" abstract aquarelle is delicate.

David Hendler - דוד הנדלר - A Portrait of a Woman - Aviva Uri

Aug 27, 21  David Hendler - A Portrait of a Woman David Hendler drawn this charcoal on paper drawing with true passion - it was not intended to play a role in his struggle for existence but served as an outlet for the blazing fire of his inner emotions and the total and unconditional love to his wife Aviva Uri.

Aristide Maillol by Waldemar George - the great Catala sculptor - Artist's Monograph - אריסטיד מאיול

Aug 14, 21  Aristide Maillol by Waldemar George The old timid sculptor, Aristide Maillol, met a beautiful and witty young teenager Dina Vierny who became his ultimate model, rejuvenated his career for the last 10 years of his life and insured his immortality after his death. I think that this encounter was predestined.

David Hendler - דוד הנדלר - אביבה אורי עם התינוקת, רישום - A Woman with a Baby - Pencil on Paper

Aug 08, 21  David Hendler - A Woman with a Baby Pencil on Paper Hendler was a penniless talented drawer who did not take part in the constitutive mechanisms of the world of art in Israel - he did not belong to an art group, refused to work with art galleries and avoided being exhibited in museums. His wife, Aviva Uri, was his model, his inspiration and his obsession.

David Hendler - Horses and Wagon - Aquarelle - Pencil and watercolor on paper - דוד הנדלר - אקוורל

Aug 04, 21  David Hendler - Horses and Wagon Aquarelle This powerful master piece of pencil drawing and watercolor painting is dated 1930. Hendler formed a perfect composition with light paintbrush outlines which capture the essence of the heavy going horses after a day of labor.

Michael Druks - "Sandwich" Assemblage - Municipal Bulletin Board with Tea Bags - אסמבלאז של מיכאל דרוקס

Jun 21, 21  Michael Druks - "Sandwich" Assemblage with Tea Bags The basis of this fascinating personal assemblage-collage work which preceded the renowned Druksland series is a "sandwich" made of numerous layers of advertisement posters which Michael Druks managed to cut away from municipal notice boards in Tel-Aviv of the 1970's.  

Joan Miro by James Johnson Sweeney - חואן מירו - ליתוגרפיות ועבודות

Jun 16, 21  Joan Miro by James Johnson Sweeney Joan Miro put his focus on the symbol, not giving too much importance to the representing theme, but to the way the symbol emerged as an independent piece of work. This comprehensive art monograph covers Miro's great oeuvre with beautiful photographs taken by Joaquim Gomis.

Joseph Constant - יוסף קונסטנט - Two Storks - Charcoal Drawing

Jun 07, 21  Joseph Constant - Two Storks Charcoal Drawing This beautiful charcoal on paper work is part of a series of pencil drawings of "animals in pairs" drawn by Joseph Constant (Constantinovsky) in Paris circa 1960.

The Uffizi, Renaissance Germany, Le Marais, Michelangelo and Raphael, Erwin Panofsky and many more History of Art books and Albums - ספרים - הסטוריה של האמנות

May 26, 21  History of Art Books and Albums - Lot 2 The Uffizi, The Limewood Sculptors, Le Marais, Michelangelo and Raphael in the Vatican, Studies in Iconology, Idea: A Concept in Art Theory, Renaissance and Renascences, Pandora's Box, Erwin Panofsky: the foundations of Art History, The Critical Historians of Art, The Imperial Age of Venice, Pagan Mysteries, The Stones of Florence & Venice, The Van Eyck Problem & The Pseudo Arnolfini Portrait.

Rare and Out of Print Books in English - ספרי פסיכולוגיה, הסטוריה ופילוסופיה באנגלית

May 18, 21  Rare and Out of Print Books in English Non-Fiction, History, Literature, Culture, Philosophy, Psychology and What Not.

Tuvia Beeri - Cosmos - Aquatint Etching - טוביה בארי - אקווטינט

May 15, 21  Tuvia Beeri - Aquatint Etching  Cosmos with Nebula, a rare color etching by the Israeli aquatint pioneer Tuvia Beeri, is a mature masterpiece, dated 1966, which best expresses Beeri's unique style and artistic language.

Yosl Bergner - Charcoal Drawing - Dancing Jewish Spice Box - יוסל ברגנר - רישום פחם - קופסת בשמים

May 08, 21  Yosl Bergner - Spice Box Charcoal Drawing The beautiful charcoal drawing of a traditional Jewish spice box ("Suman Bixalle" in Yiddish) smells of joy and mirthfulness - this is Yosl Bergner unique way of transforming a ritual Judaica item into a sparkling human metaphor.

Buky Schwartz - Assemblage Drawing - Cotton Thread Line from C to D - 1971 - בוקי שוורץ - אסמבלאז

May 02, 21  Buky Schwartz - Assemblage Drawing - This amazing work "Line from C to D" best reflects Buky Scwartz's core desire to draft his love of mathematics to put order into the existential chaos - represented here by a hopelessly entangled lump of 125 meter of black cotton thread.

Antique Victorian Balloon Back Chairs - Carved and Upholstered - זוג כסאות ויקטוריאנים עתיקים

Apr 28, 21  Antique Victorian Balloon Back Chairs - Carved and Upholstered This elegant pair of chairs represent the upper quality of the Balloon Back chair craftsmanship - sophisticated carved back, curved and tapered cabriole front legs and wide upholstered seat which enabled the English ladies of the Victorian era to spread their bell-shaped expanding skirts.

Ernst Fuchs - Im Kuss der Sphinx - Rare Master Etching

Apr 17, 21  Ernst Fuchs - Im Kuss der Sphinx Rare Master Etching Ernst Fuchs mother had to baptize him during the war in order to increase the chances of his survival. The "Im Kuss der Sphinx", an original color etching (The kiss of the Sphinx) is a beautiful dark and sensual portrait of a dead man - Jesus Christ as a victim of passion.

Samuel (Shmuel) Tepler - Harbor View - Oil on Canvas - שמואל טפלר

Apr 11, 21  Samuel Tepler - Oil on Canvas This beautiful and delicate oil painting of Jaffa harbor view is an unique abstract expression of the artist's inner world - a profound and indissoluble bond between the artist's life and the artist's painting.

THE CONNOISSEUR: An Illustrated Magazine For Collectors - Vintage Back Issues

Mar 23, 21  THE CONNOISSEUR: An Illustrated Magazine For Collectors  "The Connoisseur will include in its scope anything that any reasonable person collects, not only furniture, porcelain, pottery, prints, books, manuscripts, fiddles and old silver, but also coins, medals, autographs, posters and stamps...".

Aharon Giladi - תמונת גואש - אהרון גלעדי - שולחן האוכל - Family at the Dining Table - Gouache Painting

Mar 11, 21  Aharon Giladi - Gouache Painting  You cannot find in this dining table scene the lightness of facile charm and over-sweetness. Giladi's painting is the outcome of a relentless struggle and the rich human content and original beauty are not for those who take their artistic pleasures from superficial effects.

Back Issues of Country Life Magazine - Vintage and Out of Print

Mar 04, 21  Back Issues of Country Life Magazine An unprecedented look at the English country houses' interiors, architecture and gardening, from the English Tudor estates to the twentieth-century manor houses.

Picasso Lithographs by Fernand Mourlot and Andre Sauret - הליתוגרפיות של פיקאסו - קטלוג

Feb 21, 21  Picasso Lithographs by Fernand Mourlot is the ultimate art catalog which documents all the original lithographs realized by Picasso between 1920 and 1969 - a must have for every collector and art student.

Antique Turkmen Tent Bag - a complete Yomut Chuval

Feb 07, 21  Antique Turkmen Yomut Chuval An intact complete and rare 9 gulls Turkmen large tent bag with a very unusual and beautiful main border and skirt design. The richness of the knotting and the amazing pattern of geometrical trees in the skirt part of the bag, are signs of special artistic and professional attention typical for weaving of bags that were used in the context of the traditional Turkoman weddings festive occasions.

Emil Nolde - Werner Haftmann & Martin Urban - Collectible Art Books and Artist's Monographs - אמיל נולדה

Jan 26, 21  Emil Nolde was one of the major German Expressionist painters - his religious scenes, landscapes, and still life paintings are distinguished by an intense coloristic richness. An excellent collection of art books which covers the oeuvre of a great artist.

Oskar Kokoschka - Die Traumenden Knaben - אוסקר קוקושקה - Collectible Art Books

Jan 15, 21  Oskar Kokoschka - Collectible Art Books  The paintings of Oskar Kokoschka were a centre of controversy because of their Expressionist violence. His writings caused tremendous scandals because of their unconventional and apparently irrational structure.

Marcel Janco - Oil Painting - Fish Dish - מרסל ינקו - ציור שמן - צלחת דגים

Jan 04, 21  Marcel Janco - Fish Dish Marcel Janco developed a style of painting which, while hovering on the borders of abstraction, transformed the concepts of the Parisian Cubism into a personal variant of great expressive vitality as seen in this rare still-life oil painting. Shana Tova.

Ernst Barlach - Goethe Gedichte Mit Steinzeichnungen - 1970 Reprint Edition of Barlach Lithographs for Goethe Poems - ארנסט ברלך

Dec 24, 20  Ernst Barlach: Goethe Gedichte Mit Steinzeichnungen. 35 beautiful lithographs dedicated to Goethe's best poems and ballads - first reprint edition (1970) and an accurate facsimile of the original 1924 Paul Cassirer's edition.

Ernst Fuchs: Die Symbolik des Traumes - ארנסט פוקס - הדפסים מקוריים

Dec 12, 20  Ernst Fuchs: Die Symbolik des Traumes A series of 9 original etchings by the great print master which best express the artist's fantastic atmosphere and cosmos oriented religious approach to Nature and Life - limited edition signed by Ernst Fuchs.

The CONNOISSEUR back issue 774 August 1976 - Venetian Renaissance Glass - problems of dating vetro a filigrana by Ada Polak

Dec 01, 20  Dating Vetro a Filigrana - The CONNOISSEUR back issue no. 774 includes an interesting article titled 'Venetian Renaissance Glass' written by Dr. Ada Polak which describes in details the problems in dating the filigree glass vessels originated on the island of Murano in the 16th century.

Classical Music Rare and Vintage Vinyl Records - List No 6 - מוזיקה קלאסית - תקליטי ויניל נדירים

Nov 23, 20  Classical Music - List No 6 of Vinyl LP Records - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Alicia De Larrocha, Alban Berg, The Heutling Quartet, Panhoffer, Nicanor Zabaleta, Clara Haskil, Igor Markevitch, Geza Anda, Alceo Galliera, Alfred Brendel, Wilfried Boettcher, Walter Klien and Peter Maag. A rare collection of High Quality LP Vinyl records.

Bloomsbury Portraits - Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant and their circle - Richard Shone - קבוצת בלומסברי

Nov 08, 20  Bloomsbury Portraits - A rare glimpse into the Bloomsbury Group, the circle of artists and writers that dominated English cultural life in the early 20th century, focusing on Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant, the painters who have had an important influence on the perspective of modern British art.

Lithographs by Nahoum Cohen on ECOLOGY a Poem by Meir Wieseltier - הצייר והארכיטקט נחום כהן - ליתוגרפיות לפואמה של מאיר ויזלטיר

Oct 27, 20  Lithographs by Nahoum Cohen on ECOLOGY - a Poem by Meir Wieseltier, published in London in a limited edition on March 1975 - a powerful protest against the destruction of the fragile ecosystems of our planet by mankind.

Willem de Kooning by Harold Rosenberg - וילם דה קונינג

Oct 18, 20  De Kooning by Harold Rosenberg This beautiful large-format monograph by the New Yorker's art critic Harold Rosenberg presents the life and paintings of Willem De Kooning - a key figure in the Abstract Expressionism art movement and one of the greatest painters in the contemporary American art.

Photography Year Book 1968 - Fountain Press, Richard Gee, John Sanders - 1968 ספר הצילום השנתי של

Oct 07, 20  Photography Year Book 1968 - published by the British Fountain Press Ltd., best reflects the revolutionary era of the 60's - a superb publication which is worth a close study by everyone keen on photography and history.

Aharon Giladi - Oil on Canvas - Family and Flowers - אהרון גלעדי - שמן על בד - משפחה ופרחים

Sep 30, 20  Aharon Giladi - Family and Flowers In this beautiful oil painting we feel Giladi's special pulsation, the pulsing that serves him as a starting point towards the subject which he transforms without any diverting emotionalism - the human cell of the family and the beauty of the flowers. 

CHAGALL Monumental - XXe Siecle Hommage a Chagall Monumental - 1973 - מארק שאגאל

Sep 19, 20  CHAGALL Monumental - A spectacular monograph on the monumental works of Marc Chagall - colorful tapestries, huge mosaics, and marvelous designs in stained glass - XXe Siecle at its best.

Jakob Steinhardt by Rudoulf Pfefferkorn - Stapp Verlag 1967 - Signed Album - יעקב שטיינהרדט - אלבום ממוספר וחתום

Sep 10, 20  Jakob Steinhardt by Rudoulf Pfefferkorn - Stapp Verlag 1967 - a limited edition of 100 exemplars numbered and signed by Jakob Steinhardt with 60 plates of the artist's main works produced in a superb reproduction and printing quality - a rare gem for Steinhardt's collectors.

Raffi Lavie - רפי לביא - טכניקה מעורבת על נייר - Drawing - Mixed Technique on Paper

Sep 01, 20  Raffi Lavie - Mushroom with Self Examination This beautiful and gentle mixed technique drawing was drawn by Raffi Lavie in 1968 and expresses a different side of the artist which was not exposed in his public and famous works - an intimate, yet accurate self examination process.

Michael Druks - Photo Collage - Self Portrait with Sellotape - מיכאל דרוקס - פוטו קולאז' עם סלוטייפ

Aug 21, 20  Michael Druks - photo collage A distinctive five-part self defaced portrait dated 1973 which best reflects Druks convention-breaking inner study process. What do we really see when we look at ourselves? 

Avigdor Arikah - Signed Engravings for Samuel Beckett - אביגדור אריכא - 6 הדפסים לסמואל בקט

Aug 11, 20  Avigdor Arikha - L'issue: Six Gravures Originales prepared and signed by Arikah. This amazing artist's book consists of fragments excerpted from Samuel Beckett's Le Depeupleur accompanied by 6 striking engravings, absorbed with apocalyptic volcanic unrest.

A painting by Ann Tochmeyer Katmor - The Third Eye Israeli art group - ציור של אן טוכמאייר קתמור

Aug 03, 20  Ann Tochmeyer Katmor - a talented artist on her own right. Have a look at a beautiful pen drawing she made much before falling into the road of the slow death.

Antique Ersari Kapunuk - a genuine Jallar Paidar with Tassels - שטיח תורקמני עתיק - ארסרי

Jul 22, 20  Antique Ersari Kapunuk - The beautiful domestic rug which surrounded the entrance of the Turkmen circular domed tent from its internal side. A real gem product of the Turkestan and Afghanistan nomads weaving art. 

סדר מרבה לספר והוא הגדה של פסח - מתרגם, מוציא לאור ומדפיס: משה ישראל לנדאו - Prag 1849 - Seder Marbeh le-saper ve-hu Hagadah shel Pesah by M.I. Landau

Jul 08, 20  Seder Marbeh le-saper ve-hu Hagadah shel Pesah - Druck und Verlag des M.I. Landau. This beautifully illustrated Hagadah for Pesach, was published in Prague in 1849 for the German speaking Jewish population which resided in the Austrian Empire and in the German Confederation.

Georges Rouault by Pierre Courthion - Collectible Classified Catalogue - ג'ורג רואו

Jun 28, 20  Georges Rouault by Pierre Courthion This volume can easily claim to be the most complete, authoritative, and well-documented work ever published on Georges Rouault - a major collector's piece and a must have for every art lover.

Francis Bacon - John Rothenstein and Ronald Alley - פרנסיס ביקון

Jun 22, 20  Francis Bacon by John Rothenstein & Ronald Alley Bacon is acknowledged as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. The catalogue raisonne presented here is the first art album on Bacon - a well documented study of his life and work, and the most comprehensive art monograph on the artist.

Gaudi - An Architecture of Anticipation by Juan Perucho - אנטוניו גאודי

Jun 11, 20  Antoni Gaudi: Architecture of Anticipation Gaudi is, first and foremost, one of the greatest creators in modern architecture and this is principally due to the fecundity and daring efficacy of his technical solutions and the perfect adaptation of structure to function.

The CONNOISSEUR back issue 788 - The Bourbons of Naples as patrons of the Arts 1734-1799 by Harold Acton

Jun 03, 20  The Bourbons of Naples - The CONNOISSEUR back issue no. 788 includes an overwhelming article by Harold Acton which describes in details the major role of Carlo di Borbone and his descendents in patronizing and developing art and architecture in Naples 1734-1799.

Antique Oriental Rugs Essentials

May 20, 20  Antique Oriental Rug Books - a rare collection of books about rugs which are meant for the individual who is interested in purchasing antique oriental rug as well as for the collector who would like to enhance his understanding in beautiful world of oriental rugs and carpets.

Mordechai Moreh - Color Etching & Drypoint - The Prophet - מרדכי מורה - תחריט צבעוני - הנביא

May 11, 20  Mordechai Moreh - The Prophet is a tender yet exuberant fantastical and strictly disciplined print work by the Israeli master of intaglio techniques in which imagination and reality beautifully coexist.

Genuine Antique Victorian Balloon Back Chair - Rosewood and Stuff-Over Seat - כיסא אנגלי ויקטוריאני עם גב דמוי בלון

May 02, 20  Antique Victorian Balloon Back Chair - lightness, elegance and grace are rendered in this unique item of Victorian furniture - rounded shoulders of the back with nipped-in waist, curved crosspiece and upholstered seat.

Picasso: His Graphic Work Volume 1 1899-1955 - Bernhard Geiser & Hans Bolliger - פאבלו פיקאסו - עבודות גרפיות

Apr 22, 20  Picasso: His Graphic Work Volume 1 - this volume, the first of two, documents the period of the first 56 years (1899-1955) of overwhelming graphic works of a genius graphic artist.

Henry Moore - Sculpture and Drawings 1921-1969 by Robert Melville - הנרי מור - פסלים וציורים

Apr 12, 20  Henry Moore - Sculpture and Drawings by Robert Melville  The distinctive female idols of the British sculptor Henry Moore, biomorphically embracing all created things, celebrate the beauty and mystery of the natural word and renew the potency of the graven image.

The Crow by Ted Huges - English poetry at its best - טד יוג'ס - שירה אנגלית

Apr 06, 20  Ted Hughes, The Crow - From the Life and Songs of the Crow "This is one of the little legends about the birth of this character. Nobody knows exactly how he was created or how he appeared. He was created by god's nightmare..."

Bronze Sculpture by Shulamit Ben Shalom - The King - שולמית בן שלום - פסל ברונזה - המלך

Mar 27, 20  The sculptor Shulamit Ben Shalom returned to Israel in 1966, settled in Tel-Aviv and established herself as a sculptor and art teacher. The touching yet powerful bronze sculpture in front of you is the figure of a king who lost his fortune and kingdom.

Back Issues - The Du Magazine - The Swiss periodical for art lovers - Rare and Out of Print

Mar 20, 20  The Du Magazine Back Issues of the Du Magazine - a superb Swiss periodical for art and culture lovers - Vintage and Out of Print.

Modern English Sculpture by A.M. Hammacher - Art History Book - פיסול אנגלי בן זמננו

Mar 07, 20  Modern English Sculpture by A.M. Hammacher A comprehensive art history book with beatiful full-page photographs, covers the work of the great English sculptors who grew up in relative silence and obscurity and not until after the second war made English sculpture occupying an essential position in contemporary art.

Picasso Dessins - 27.3.66-15.3.68 - ציורים של פיקאסו - Preface by Rene Char and text by Charles Feld

Feb 28, 20  PICASSO Drawings 27.3.66-15.3.68 - Between the years 1966 and 1968, at his late eighties, Pablo Picasso produced a torrent of paintings and drawings in a rate that was higher than in any other time of his life. You are invited to have a look at the 405 most vital and lucid works of the great master.

Picasso: Las Meninas Y La Vida - Texto De Jaime Sabartes - פבלו פיקאסו - לאס מנינאס

Feb 15, 20  Picasso: Las Meninas Y La Vida - Picasso transformed the shape of realism towards the schematic drawing of children, and in the process, revealed a new formal language in painting. The manipulations he performed on the classical divine work of Velasquez Las Meninas are a onetime event in the history of modern art.

The CONNOISSEUR back issue 772 June 1976 - The Locko Park Drury-Lowe Family Collection

Feb 03, 20  The Locko Park Collection - The CONNOISSEUR back issue 772 includes an article by Richard Calvocoressi about the Locko Park Drury-Lowe family collection with first-rate examples of the British, Dutch, Flemish and, most extensive of all, Italian schools of painting - a real gem for art lovers.

Antoni Tapies - O l'Escarnidor De Diademes - Art Monograph - אנטוני טאפיס

Jan 27, 20  Antoni Tapies - O l'Escarnidor De Diademes The Catalan artist Antoni Tapies was a self-taught painter who developed a recognizable personal style related to Art Informel and to Arte Povera. This beautiful art monograph shows how Tapies freely adopted bits of detritus, earth, and stone-mediums to evoke solidity and mass in his large-scale works.

Antique English Nesting Tables with Japanned Lacquer Paintings - שולחנות מקוננים אנגלים עתיקים

Jan 14, 20  Antique English Nesting Tables This set of 3 rare antique English Nesting tables is a beautiful example of the mature Art of Japanning which developed from the interesting and fruitful encounter between east and west.

The Sculptor Marino Marini - 3 Great Monographs - הפסל מרינו מריני

Jan 06, 20  The Sculptor Marino Marini stands out among contemporary sculptors by virtue of his remarkable talents as a painter and draughtsman, often retaining the same subjects in his oils, watercolors and drawings as in his sculpture. 3 artist monographs with full cover of the oeuvre of a great artist.

Pair of Antique Chinese Porcelain Storage Jars - 18th century - כלי אחסון סיניים עתיקים - זוג צנצנות אחסון מזון גדולות

Dec 27, 19  Pair of Antique Chinese Porcelain Storage Jars - hand painted blue and white porcelain "Ginger Jars" with beautiful country scene design. These quite heavy stoneware jars were used for food storage in the 18th Century.

David Hockney by David Hockney - Artist Monograph and Autobiography - אוטוביוגרפיה - דוד הוקני

Dec 21, 19  David Hockney by David Hockney Born in 1937, David Hockney is one of the most popular and successful of living artists and yet, Hockney has always remained a totally serious artist. His work shows an extraordinary capacity for renewal, invention and unexpected new departures. A witty autobiography.

Edvard Munch - Collectible Art Books and Artist's Monographs - אדוארד מונק

Dec 18, 19  Edvard Munch Collectible art books and monographs of the artist whose vulnerable mind was haunted by death even though he lived to 80. 

Jean Dubuffet: Delits Deportements Lieux De Haut Jeu - Artist Monograph - ז'אן דובופה

Dec 09, 19  Jean Dubuffet, the son of a wealthy French wine merchant, has chosen to spend his life in an ongoing process of reassessing the fundamentals of art and culture - Delits Deportements Lieux De Haut Jeu is his most comprehensive artist's monograph. 

Mirit Cohen - Panda on Wooden Cardboard - A Message to the Public - מירית כהן - פנדה ועיפרון על קרטון ועץ - הודעה לציבור

Nov 30, 19  Mirit Cohen Message to the Public - a powerful panda and pencil painting on cardboard and wood - "I like complex maximalist art, not art deriving from a minimalist or formalist conception. I generally learn by negation".

Hommage a Max Ernst with Original Color Lithography - Special Issue by XXe Siecle - מקס ארנסט - ליטוגרפיה

Nov 19, 19  Hommage a Max Ernst This beautiful art album elaborates Ernst's sources and inspirations, his place within art history, his participation in the politics of the first part of the 20th century, and the continued resonance of his work in the scope of contemporary art.

Picasso - His Graphic Work Volume 2 1955-1965 by Kurt Leonhard - פבלו פיקסו - עבודות גרפיות

Nov 14, 19  Picasso: His Graphic Work Volume 2 1955-1965 by Kurt Leonhard is the second volume of the most important art book on Picasso's Lithographs, Etchings, Dry Points, Aquatints, Linoleum Cuts and the art books he illustrated.

Johnny Friedlaender Aquatint Etching - Trois Chevaux - Three Horses - ג'וני פרידלנדר - תחריט אקווטינט - 3 סוסים

Nov 06, 19  Johnny Friedlaender A powerful aquatint etching of three wild horses, Trois Chevaux, which was done by Johnny Friedlander in the early fifties of the twentieth century, beautifully demonstrates Friedlaender's artistic approach and distinct agenda at that time.

Homage to Joan Miro with Original Lithogrphy - ליתוגרפיה מקורית - ג'ואן מירו

Oct 30, 19  Homage to Joan Miro A beautiful XXe Siecle artist's monograph by Gualtieri di San Lazzaro on the oeuvre of Joan Miro - the painter of the subconscious - with an original color lithography by Miro.

Yosl Bergner - ליטוגרפיה נדירה  יוסל ברגנר - Carnival in the Alley - Rare Lithograph

Oct 25, 19  Yosl Bergner A rare lithograph by Yosl Bergner from the time he started designing and drawing the settings for Nissim Aloni theater plays in the late 50s. A backdrop of dark skies, houses, walls, black windows and doors is arranged in a metaphysical way around the alley containing the characters of the plot.

Marc Chagall - Collectible Art Books and Original Lithographs - מרק שאגאל - ליתוגרפיות

Oct 22, 19  Marc Chagall Le Plafond de L'opera de Paris (The Ceiling of the Paris Opera) is the most beautiful monumental painting of Marc Chagall - one of the great colorists of all times. Have a look at the original lithographs of this majestic project. 

Collection of Georges Rouault art books with Original Lithograph - גורג' רואו

Oct 20, 19  Georges Rouault This special XXe Siecle issue by Gualtieri di San Lazzaro was published as a tribute to George Rouault's centenary and includes a beautiful original lithograph by the artist.

Israel Paldi - Gouache and Acrylic Painting - Mother and Daughter - ישראל פלדי - גואש ואקריליק - אם ובת

Oct 16, 19  Israel Paldi Gouache & Acrylic a joyful couple of mother and daughter - Paldi usually did not name his paintings, but informally, in the closer circles, this painting was given the title "My Family".

Friedensreich Hundertwasser - collection of art books - פרידנסרייך הונדרטוואסר

Oct 11, 19  Friedensreich Hundertwasser A beautiful collection of art books and artist's monograph which best portray Hundertwasser's independent and unique artistic direction and style - so many fantastic colors.






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