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Country Life Magazine - Back Issues

Rare and Vintage Back Issues of the English COUNTRY LIFE Magazine

List of Back Issues of Country Life Magazine - pdf

The Country Life Magazine - Collectors' Number - Back Issues

The legendary English Country Life Magazine has flourished over the last 11 decades because of its ability to follow the adaptation to the changes in English society through the ways in which the upper-class life style were reflected in the houses of the wealthy and powerful. First published in 1897, it is an interesting and authentic source for studying the history of the English country house from the point of view of its owners and tenants. These Country Life back issues discuss and illustrate how the upper classes shaped their country houses, how they entertained and were served, how they ran their homeland country and their estates and how currently they reconcile personal privacy and public display for visitors and tourists.

Most of the back issues are in a very good condition.

Once you have made your selection from this list of back issues of the Country Life Magazine, which includes extended Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring numbers as well as special Christmas and Collectors' numbers, contact me and I will send you further information including full description of the content of the copy,  price and estimated shipping cost. We have many other interesting back issues of Country Life Magazine and other art magazines which will be added frequently, so please keep checking. If you have something particular in mind that you are interested in, you are invited to write to me and describe the copy of your interest and I will check and send you an answer if something which matches your interests appears in my lists.

Vol. CL No. 3882 November 4, 1971
Vol. CLXVI No. 4199 November 29, 1975
Vol. CLXVI No. 4287 September 6, 1979
Vol. CLXVII No. 4307 January 24, 1980
Vol. CLXVII No. 4322 June 19, 1980
Vol. CLXIX No. 4361 March 19, 1981
Vol. CLXIX No. 4367 April 30, 1981
Vol. CLXIX No. 4369 May 14, 1981
Vol. CLXIX No. 4372 June 4, 1981
Vol. CLXXI No. 4413 March 18, 1982
Vol. CLXXI No. 4421 May 13, 1982
Vol. CLXXII No. 4449 November 25, 1982
Vol. CLXXII No. 4450 December 2, 1982
Vol. CLXXIII No. 4474 May 19, 1983
Vol. CLXXVI No. 4553 Nov 29, 1984
Vol. CLXXVI No. 4557 December 20, 1984
Vol. CLXXVII No. 4561 January 17, 1985
Vol. CLXXVII No. 4570 March 21, 1985
Vol. CLXXVII No. 4571 March 28, 1985
Vol. CLXXVII No. 4573 April 11, 1985
Vol. CLXXVII No. 4574 April 18, 1985
Vol. CLXXVII No. 4575 April 25, 1985
Vol. CLXXVII No. 4576 May 2, 1985
Vol. CLXXVII No. 4577 May 9, 1985
Vol. CLXXVII No. 4578 May 16, 1985
Vol. CLXXVII No. 4580 May 30, 1985
Vol. CLXXVII No. 4582 June 13, 1985
Vol. CLXXVII No. 4583 June 20, 1985
Vol. CLXXVII No. 4584 June 27, 1985
Vol. CLXXVIII No. 4585 July 4, 1985
Vol. CLXXVIII No. 4586 July 11, 1985
Vol. CLXXVIII No. 4594 September 5, 1985
Vol. CLXXVIII No. 4596 September 19, 1985


אסופת חוברות עבר של המגזין Country Life למכירה לאספנים - תרבות אנגלית במיטבה?

המגזין האנגלי Country Life שנוסד בשנת 1897 מתאר את אורח החיים של בעלי בתי האחוזות בסביבה הכפרית האנגלית כפי שהוא מתבטא בדרך שבה הם מעצבים את בתיהם, מרהטים את חדריהם, מטפחים את גניהם, מארחים, אוכלים ומבלים. האם המגזין הזה נועד לתושבי הכפר? אני מנחש שמרבית האספנים שקוראים אותו גרים בעיר ומפנטזים על החיים האידיאלים בבית אחוזה כפרי. אם ברצונכם בחוברת מרשימה זו, התקשרו ואשלח תיאור מפורט, מחיר, אמצעי תשלום ואפשרויות משלוח.לנוחיותכם קובץ  pdf הכולל את רשימת עותקי המגזין Country Life שבאסופה - אשמח גם לספק מידע נוסף בקשר לתוכנה של כל חוברת לפי בקשתכם.

Soft cover: Various COUNTRY LIFE Magazine back issues
Publisher: COUNTRY LIFE Magazine, London
Language: English

PDF Printer Ready: List of COUNTRY LIFE Magazine Back Issues

Price: Call

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Item: D1003 - Country Life Magazine

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