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Stepping on a beautiful carpet may change your life forever

When I was a kid, I used to walk back home from school through a big rounded square. There were a lot of shops in this square but most of them did not interest me - except for one big shop for antique Persian carpets and rugs. It had a big glass window, and whenever I happened to pass by, even when glancing at it from a distance, I found the interior of the shop, as reflected through the window, mysterious and attracting. The rugs that were piled inside, on the floor and along the walls, made it feel darker than the other shops, but at the same time, much richer in color and deepness.

What was there that so fascinated my mind? 

The Antique Oriental Carpets & Rugs directory on your left, will let you accompany me in this dreamy path.

Antique Chinese Peking Rug - Rounded Seat Cover
Antique Chinese Peking Seat Cover


Half Khorjin Donkey Saddle Bag - Antique Baluch Rug
Antique Baluch Khorjin - a Donkey Saddle Bag

Antique Baluch Khorjin - a Complete Pair of Saddle Bags
Antique Baluch Saddle Bags - a Complete Pair

Antique Baluch Bolesht - Large Beluch Pillow
Antique Baluch Bolesht (Balisht)

Turkmen Yomut Chuval - Large Antique Tent Bag
Antique Turkmen Yomut Chuval

Antique Turkmen Saryk Khorjin - an Intact Pair of Saddle Bags
Antique Turkmen Saryk Khorjin

Antique Ersari Kapunuk - a genuine Jallar Paidar with Tassels - שטיח תורקמני עתיק - ארסרי
Antique Ersari Kapunuk with Tassels

Antique Afghan Carpet by the Ersari of Northern Afghanistan - שטיח אפגני עתיק
Antique Afghan Carpet - the Ersari of Northern Afghanistan


Antique Oriental Rugs Essential References
Antique Oriental Rugs - Essential Reference Books

Turkmen Rugs - Terminology, Pronunciation, Spelling and Nomenclature
Turkmen Rugs - Terminology Spelling and Nomenclature

The Baluch Rugs Weaving - Origin and Culture
The Baluch Rugs Weaving - Origin and Culture








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