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Vintage Italian Deruta Maiolica Flower Vase - Signed by Mancinelli


Maiolica, sometimes called majolica is an Italian tin-glazed pottery technology dating from the Renaissance and characterized by bright colors decoration on a white background. The small flower vase presented here is a classical piece of hand made Italian Deruta ceramics with a colorful hand painted drawing of flowers and leaves in Art Nouveau style. It is a best quality product of the Mancinelli family pottery workshop which was, and still is, one of the important and innovative ceramic artists groups in the Deruta region. While this vase is not very old nor antique, it do qualifies as a vintage collectible item (at least one hundred years old). It definitely displays a great artistic talent and has beautiful shape, color and painting characteristics.

כד מעוטר לפרחים - עבודת קרמיקת מיוליקה משובחת מאיזור Deruta שבאיטליה מתחילת המאה העשרים או מוקדם יותר. ציור גרפיטו של פרחים בסגנון ארט נובו חרוט וצבוע ביד בצבעי כחול כהה, כחול קובלט, תכלת, סגול, ארגמן מנגני, ירוק נחושתי, ירוק בהיר, צהוב אנטימין וחום על רקע לבן קרם. בדופן הפנימי של הכד גלזורה בצבעי ירוק כהה. על התחתית חתימת האמן Mancinelli מוטבעת בפסטה. טכניקת המיוליקה (מאיוליקה) התגבשה באיטליה החל מהמאה ה-14 ומצטיינת בצבעוניות עזה ומפתה וברק אופייני.

הכלי נוצר על אבניים, בחומר הנקרא טרה קוטה ונצרף צריפה ראשונית. אחר כך מזגגים את פני הכד בזיגוג לבן המהווה בסיס לציור. הציור עצמו נעשה במשיחות מכחול בצובענים השונים על פני מצע הזיגוג ודורש מיומנות ויד בטוחה - גבולות הפרחים והעלים שבדוגמה מוקפים בקו תחום (קונטור) בצבע כהה שמדגיש את הפרטים. הצריפה השניה מקבעת את הזיגוג ומתיכה אותו לפנים לבנות וחלקות שלתוכן ניתכות גם משיחות הצבע.

Art Nouveau Vintage Italian Deruta Maiolica Vase - Signed by Mancinelli - כד מעוטר לפרחים - Click to Zoom

Vintage Italian Deruta Maiolica Flower Vase Large size photo


The Maiolica tin-glazed earthenware technology was introduced by the Moorish Spain via the island of Majorca and was integrated in the Italian ceramics workshops starting at the 14th century. The vase is made of Terracotta (terrecotte) clay and the colorful style is a combination of five colors: cobalt blue, antimony yellow, iron red, copper green, and manganese purple; the dark purple and blue and brown colors are used also for outlining. The white tin enamel is used, for highlights and for the background of the white tin glaze. 

Art Nouveau Vintage Italian Deruta Maiolica Vase - Signed by Mancinelli

The signature on the bottom at the vase: MANCINELLI DERUTA

The signature on the bottom at the vase says:  MANCINELLI DERUTA - ITALY - GRAFFITO E DIPINTO A MANO (drawn and painted by hand). Deruta is a small town in the heart of Umbria, famous for the production of fine ceramic art and pottery. The pottery craft was already well established there in the Middle Ages but attained the zenith of its fame during the Renaissance period. After that pick, the ceramics arts in Deruta, as in all of the cities of Italy, had declined and deteriorated. It reached its lowest point during the middle half of the 19th century when pottery-making almost ceased to exist.

Our flower vase was made in Deruta between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century which was a transition period during which the local artisans experimented with various design styles elements in order to determine what was marketable such as the Art Nouveau style. This beautiful and rare vase has survived to serve as an example of the Deruta artistry just prior to the beginning of today's Deruta distinctive regional style.

The Mancinellis are well-known veteran ceramic producers - the family was one of the small cadre of potters and artisans who established the Societa Anonima Maioliche Deruta in 1910. Today, Prof. Mancinelli, is continuing the dynasty long tradition and is one of the most important pottery experts in Deruta, where the creation of hand-crafted ceramics still represents the primary activity of the citizens of the town.

 Vintage Italian Deruta Maiolica Vase - Art Nouveau flowers pattern hand painted on the porcelain

The Art Nouveau design style of the flower model

The beautiful Art Nouveau / Jugendstil design style of the flower model which you see above, is typical to the products of the Mancinelli porcelain workshop at the turn of the 20th century. It was borrowed from existing flowers models which were in fashion at that time. Mancinelli ingenious pottery craftsmanship and easy and sure painter hand succeeded to convey the beauty and delicacy of the flower into the Maiolica hand made production. Your flowers will feel at home.


Height: 10.5 cm  -  4.1 in
Width:  12.5 cm  -  4.9 in
Diameter of mouth: 10 cm  -  3.9 in
Thickness: 4 mm approx
Technology: Majolica - hand painted earthenware pottery which is tin glazed
Origin:  Italy, Deruta region
Manufacturing: The Mancinelli ceramics workshop - signed by the artist
Age: more than 100 years old (late 19th or early 20th century).

Price: Click for Price of Mancinelly Maiolica Deruta Vase in Art Pane shop

Item: O1002/POR089 - Deruta Maiolica Vase

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