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Aharon Giladi - Oil on Canvas - Mothers and Kids in front of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)

אהרון גלעדי - שמן על בד - אמהות וילדים על חוף הכנרת

The Israeli painter Aharon Giladi (1907-1993) was an artist in the meaning that word had in the good old days - his manner and dress, his shock of hair and his heavy glasses immediately signaled: here is a painter. He resembled those artists who came to the big city (Tel-Aviv in his case) from the periphery (Kibbutz Afikim), setting up a colony there and upholding within its undefined confines their old ways, their peculiar patterns of life, that same eccentric foreignness which has become an integral part of the place. Giladi was like them, the peculiar sons of the city which adopted them more than they have adopted it.

ותיקי תל-אביב עוד זוכרים את דמותו הדובית של הצייר אהרון גלעדי מתנהלת בכבדות אופיינית ברחובות המרכזיים בהם התרכזו בתי הקפה העיקריים, הגלריות לאמנות, והחיים הבוהמיינים המעט ביצתיים שעיר זו נוטה להתפאר בהם. למרות שנראה כחלק בלתי נפרד מן הנוף העירוני, מעטים ידעו שפרק משמעותי מחייו כאיש צעיר וכאומן מתפתח ומבשיל עבר עליו בקיבוץ אפיקים, לא רחוק מחופי הכנרת. נופים אלה באים לידי ביטוי מלא, מזוקק ורוחני בתמונותיו. אחר כך עבר לגור בחולון בדירה צנועה והרבה לבקר בתל-אביב. הוא היה איש גדול, בעל ראש עצום עמוס בתלתלים, ומבט רוסי מלא חיים ועצמה. בכל מקום שבו ישב היה מתחיל לשרבט דמויות, בעיקר ראשי נשים, אמהות וילדים על כל פיסת נייר שנקלעה לידיו, מעטפות קרועות, שולי עיתון או דף ממחברת. ואחרי שהתרוקנה כוס התה החמה עם קוביית סוכר והביסקוויטים נעלמו, היה גולל הניירות המשורבטים בידיו הגדולות והיישר לפח - לו רק ידעתי ...


Aharon Giladi - אהרון גלעדי - Mothers and Kids in front of the Kinneret - Sea of Galilee - Oil on Canvas - Click to Zoom

Mothers and Kids by Aharon Giladi Israeli Painter Aharon Giladi - אהרון גלעדי - שמן על בד - אמהות וילדים על חוף הכנרת

Look at the human figures in front of the Kinneret Lake (Sea of Galilee) - the landscape has been conceived on a human scale and in his very presence. Even so, the latent presence possesses meekness, the meekness of the artist before his subject. Giladi has sustained from imposing the human figure on his landscape or the surrounding objects - the landscape's colors and patterns are disclosed behind the figures' outlines. He sketches the outline of a figure just as he sketches the lines of the landscape objects behind it. The colorful texture of his oil colors brush strokes and the linear imbroglio of his sketches dictate the heavy, serious character, or the light, fleeting character, of the view; woe it be if we see in his sketches simply expressions of his feelings; they are works definitely built on technique and composition.


Biography of the painter Aharon Giladi - ביוגרפיה של הצייר אהרון גלעדי

Biography of the painter Aharon Giladi - ביוגרפיה של הצייר אהרון גלעדי

Aharon Giladi was born in Russia in 1907. He settled in Israel at the age of 22, and spent 20 years in Kibbutz Afikim. In 1948 he left the kibbutz and moved to the city. He lived in Holon, a dull and somewhat grey small suburb city near Tel-Aviv but most of the time you could see him in Tel-Aviv's artists' colony and the coffee houses in Dizzengoff street. His vivacious manner of expression quickly revealed his Russian origin. His way with people was warm and enthusiastic - he was good-natured towards all. He loved his artist colleagues for their being artists and they loved him. He wholly believed in painting with all innocence, just as many of his generation did, and held on to the ideals of their youth.

Gilady's eye, quick to the minute details which comprise the scene, ultimately manifest itself in the sensitivity of his hand, translating reality into terms of relationship of object to object, rhythm to rhythm.

Aharon Giladi Signature - אהרון גלעדי - Artist's signature

"א.גלעדי" - Aharon Giladi signature

Aharon Giladi - אהרון גלעדי - Mothers and Kids in front of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) - Oil on Canvas - Frame

Size of painting (without frame): 9.1" x  1' 0.6" - 23 cm x 32 cm - 9.1 in x 12.6 in
Type of frame: Wood
Painting technique: Oil on Canvas
Origin: Israel
Date: Circa 1950
Signature: "א.גלעדי" - signed in Hebrew by the artist on the lower right side of the painting.

Price: $1050

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Item: P1004/PAI107 - Aharon Giladi Oil on Canvas Kinneret

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