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Michael Druks - Ink and Synthetic Paint on Paper - Politicians on Stage

מיכאל דרוקס - צבע ודיו על ניר - פוליטיקאים שהשתחררו

When I was young I used to call this painting "the geography lesson" because the background behind the figures looked to me like a huge map hanging on a wall, and I decided that the leftmost guy (the one standing on the chair) ought to be the teacher. However, nowadays I am not so firm about it. The map still looks like a map although it has certainly been treated harshly by... who knows? Cheeky, vindictive, undisciplined generations of pupils?


Michael Druks - מיכאל דרוקס - פוליטיקאים שהשתחררו - Politicians on Stage - Ink and Paint on Paper - Click to Zoom

Politicians by Michael Druks Michael Druks Ink and Paint on Paper - מיכאל דרוקס - פוליטיקאים שהשתחררו

Leaving this issue aside, I admit that what is going on in this full-of-action picture by Michael Druks is far from the way a lesson should be conducted and proceed. Each and every one of the five characters in front of us seems to be submerged in his private world, and ignore his colleagues. But the funny thing is that nevertheless, they seem to be related to each other in some very meaningful way. Of course, whenever we see a group of people, standing close enough to each other, our mind assumes that the members of this group have something in common, and it starts producing stories which will explain what they have in common and why they are there.

So let me speculate once more:

This is a typical convention of a not-so-hypothetical party. The five grotesque gentlemen are politicians. We catch them in a short break in which, while being away for a few minutes from the admiring eyes of their followers, they allow themselves to go loose a little. What's on their agenda? Thinking of their next political spin? Planning the empty words they are going to jungle in their next speech?

The one on the right looks like the finance minister. Immediately to his left, wearing a black cylinder, is the secretary of foreign affairs. Next to him (right to left) are the head of the secret services and the head of the settlements ministry who is sketching on the map. Finally is the party leader, standing on the chair and has some important things to say. "My dear colleagues" he is going to say in a minute, "I know the guy who painted this picture - don't believe any of his crap!". "He was always ideologically instable, disloyal to his country and to his party". "Never ever could he distinguish between an honest painting and conceptualism. I personally wouldn't buy a poster from him!".


Michael Druks Biography - ביוגרפיה של מיכאל דרוקס

Michael Druks Biography - ביוגרפיה של מיכאל דרוקס


Michael Druks signature - Ink and Synthetic Paint on Paper

Michael Druks signature on the center bottom of the Politicians on Stage painting.

הציור שלפנינו "נברא" ב-1967. מיכאל דרוקס היה אז עדיין מחובר פיזית למציאות הישראלית, עבד עם חנוך לוין ושיכלל את זריזות ידיו כרשם ואת ראייתו הנוקבת כאמן לפני שהקונספטואליזם השתלט. ברקע, על הקיר מאחור, מעין מפה, למעשה זהו דף שהסתובב בסטודיו, ready made עם טקסטורה של קוים, כתמים וצבעים. על הדף, בקלילות מעוררת קנאה, רישום דיו, טוש שחור, והבהקי צבע לבן סינטטי - הכי פשוט, הכי מדהים. ומה קיבלנו: חמש דמויות על הבמה, מנותקות, מגוחכות, תאבות כבוד ושררה. נשמע מוכר? הצייר הזה ידע על מה הוא מצייר.



Michael Druks - Politicians on Stage - מיכאל דרוקס - פוליטיקאים שהשתחררו - Ink and Paint on Paper - Back to List of Paintings

Size of drawing (without frame): 9.6" x 6.7"  -  24.5 cm x 17 cm  -  9.6 in x 6.7 in
Type of frame: Wood - the painting is under glass, framed in a passe-partout
Painting technique: Ink and synthetic paint on paper
Origin: Israel
Date: 1967
Signature: "1967 דרוקס" - signed in Hebrew by the artist on the lower side of the painting.

Price: Call

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Item: P1016/PAI088 - Michael Druks Ink & Paint

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