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Modern English Sculpture by A.M. Hammacher


The extra ordinary transformation that English sculpture has undergone in less than fifty years has been one of the most remarkable developments of the contemporary art scene. In the years after the first world war, the artistic climate in England was largely determined by literature but the atmosphere attracted sculptors from abroad, notably the American sculptor Jacob Epstein and the French sculptor Gaudier-Brzeska. Epstein's work created commotion and violent reactions but he made England conscious of sculpture and an independent life began to stir among the local sculptors.

Modern English Sculpture by Professor Abraham Marie Hammacher - פיסול אנגלי - Click to Zoom

Modern English Sculpture by A.M. Hammacher Modern English Sculpture by Professor Abraham Marie Hammacher - פיסול אנגלי - Art Book

Modern English Sculpture by A.M. Hammacher - Henry Moore works on the front cover of the book * - פיסול אנגלי בן זמננו

This comprehensive art history book by the Dutch museum director and art critic Abraham Marie Hammacher covers more than forty years of Henry Moore's work and a comparable amount of Barbara Hepworth's as well as other English artists who grew up in relative silence and obscurity and not until after the second war could they convince the world of the authentic English sculpture, important on an international level and occupying an essential and dominating position in the art of the twentieth century. These sculptors have altered the image of English art by the creative cultural power of which their work gives evidence.


Professor Abraham Marie Hammacher - Modern English Sculpture - פיסול אנגלי

Professor Abraham Marie Hammacher in a photo taken on 1957

Professor Abraham Marie Hammacher (1897-2002) was a distinguished art historian and the director of the Kroller-Muller Museum in Holland who the author of the renowned monographs on Barbara Hepworth, Jacque Lipchits and Marino Marini as well as the comprehensive art history book The Evolution of Modern Sculpture. Hammacher explored the sources of the renaissance of English sculpture and followed with great sensitivity and perception, its development in the work of leading artists. From Epstein, Moore and Hepworth, they range to Reg Butler, Lynn Chadwick, Kenneth Armitage, William Turnbull, Eduardo Paolozzi, Hubert Dalwood, Leon Underwood, Ralph Brown and John Hoskin, and finally to the more recent constructions of relatively young artists such as Antony Caro, Phillip King and Roland Piche. Hammacher has chosen for reproduction, representative works of all artists discussed and indeed they are an impressive selection which fully support his contention that contemporary English sculptors have produced work which is unrivalled by that of any other country.

מבקר האמנות ההולנדי אברהם מארי המאחר Abraham Marie Wilhelmus Jacobus Bram Hammacher 1897-2002 התפרסם בזכות המונוגרפיות המופלאות שכתב על הציירים ואן גוך ורנה מגריט. הוא היה גם אחד ממומחי האמנות ההולנדים שקבעו בשנות הארבעים של המאה ה-20 שיצירתו של הצייר הזייפן ההולנדי האן ואן-מחרן Han van Meegeren שכונתה "ישו ותלמידיו באמאוס" היא יצירה מקורית של של ורמיר Jan Vermeer. כמובן שהוא טעה ויתכן שדווקא טעות מבישה זו הביאה אותו להתמקד בחקר הפיסול המודרני - לפחות שם אין בעייה של זיופים (בינתיים). המאחר כתב מונוגרפיות מקיפות על הפסלים ברברה הפוורת, ז'אק ליפשיץ, ומרינו מריני, והקים את גן הפסלים המפורסם של מוזיאון Kroller-Muller Museum. באלבום מקיף זה מתאר המחר את עלייתו המטאורית של הפיסול האנגלי המודרני לאחר מלחמת העולם הראשונה וכשהוא כותב על פיסול מרגישים שהוא אוהב את זה. המאחר האריך ימים ונפטר בגיל 104.

* In the mid 1950s, the sculptor Henry Moore made twelve bronze cast figures known as the series of the Upright Motives. The confident and solid sentry-like figures have truncated forms with nooks and crannies, deep grooves and intriguing orifices - they seem to be life-size though in reality they are twice as big. The three beautiful pieces displayed on the front cover of Hammacher's book are (from right to left): Upright Motive No.1 (Glenkiln Cross), the Upright Motive No.2 and Upright Motive No.7 . Though often shown together, notably at the Kroller Muller museum in Holland, these three works have also been displayed independently. A cast of Upright Motive No.2, for example, is sited in the centre of Harlow. Likewise, a cast of Upright Motive No.1: Glenkiln Cross can be found on the Glenkiln estate in Scotland.

Hardcover: 162 pages, 127 illustrations: 41 color plates and 87 black and white plates
Thames and Hudson - London, 1st Edition (1967)


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Item: B1022 - English Sculpture Hammacher

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